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    Maximize your profits by dynamic repricing. We develop optimized algorithm and stable system for best performance. According to related survey, sales can increase 68% with intelligent repricer.


    Fast and easy to use. A new-designed system interface, only take 5 minutes to let you start your smart repricing journey when you get the free trial. Meanwhile, supported By Amazon MWS, Amazonkit can respond quickly to price change.


    Amazonkit is more than a repricing tool. We've developed unique product research which can help users know all competitors’ inventory and sales data on any product in real time. With Amazonkit, your Amazon business will be more easier than ever.


Welcome to AmazonKit
Product Name My Price Buybox Lowest Min Price Max Price Offers Record
Le Beaute Body Butter | Super Rich Natural Body Cream
B01ELR79N8 | 00-GVSY-ERGO | Running
$11.29 Amazon
FBA: 1
FBM: 3

Kokum Butter Refined Raw 1 Lb (16 Oz)
B00AEG51YK | 05-GSEF-EERC | Running
$14.44 Mine
FBA: 3
FBM: 12

Jojoba Oil Golden Organic 100% Pure 16 Oz
B007JLUL1G | 43-FRTY-EEEO | Running
$21.99 Amazon
QTY: 28
FBA: 11
FBM: 6

Amplixin Stimulating Hair Growth Shampoo for Women & Men
B00OPB297W | 11-FFTY-FRYO | Running
$26.95 Mine
FBA: 8
FBM: 4

doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil 15 ml
B004O276EI | F1-GTRV-GDGO | Running
$11.55 Mine
FBA: 41
FBM: 12

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    • API Setup
    • Set Market

    MWS API Setup

    Seller ID / Merchant ID AHGMED6XOWEDS

    MWS Auth Token amzn.mws.334fgtbc-def5-s3f

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Best toolkit for Amazon sellers
Best toolkit for Amazon sellers
Amazonkit - seller's toolkit
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Best toolkit for Amazon sellers
Best toolkit for Amazon sellers

Key Features

No.1 all in one amazon management system

Extremely fast

Accelerated repricing pushes performance to the limits of Amazon’s API and AWS services. It's meaning our tool is not only hosted directly with Amazon, but we also plug in directly to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API. Once your competitors change their price, Amazonkit can get notified and can respond instantly.

Dynamic Pricing & Price Protection

Amazonkit DO NOT JUST MARK YOUR PRICE DOWN! Once you occupy the Buy Box, Amazonkit will adjust your price to maximize your margin.

Amazonkit will NEVER REPRICE YOUR PRODUCT BELOW THE MIN PRICE. Our algorithm is set and tested strictly to protect the floor price.



Inbuilt Win Buy Box Strategy

Inbuilt win Buy Box strategy will help you occupy the Buy Box aggressively where 82% Amazon sales are generated. At the same time, maximizing your profit by intelligent repricing algorithm. Whether your product is FBA or FBM, Amazonkit always can make a reasonable price adjustment.

Continuous Repricing

Amazonkit runs 24/7. When repricing strategy ,min price and max price are set, Amazonkit will reprice for you 100% accurately without the need for any of your attention. We monitor Amazon automatically via our cloud based system through automation around the clock to ensure nothing is missed.

7/24 Service Support 

Amazonkit is always at your service after you sign up. We offer ticket and email support 7/24. Although Amazonkit has been designed to be used easily, we believe that customer service should be available at all time in case you need us.

Customize Service

In consideration of the needs for every seller, Amazonkit provides customized repricing service. Unlimited listings, independent host, individual technical support and strategy custom are all available for every seller. You can contact us at any time to get your unique repricing service.

How it works

Strong, stable and easy to use


Retrieve All Offers in Real Time

Accelerated repricing program pushes performance to the limits of Amazon's API and AWS services. It means Amazonkit is not only hosted directly with Amazon, but also plugged directly into the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API. Amazonkit will retrieve repriced offers of all listings according to user’s inventory instantly when any price changed.

AWSMWSDistributed servers' group


Amazonkit reprice engine v.2.1


Flexible Repricing Strategies

There are 6 different repricing rules and 5 types of competitors that will help user to reprice lower, match or higher. Amazonkit does totally understand that you need different repricing rules to balance beating competitors and maintaining profitability. Amazonkit's target is help you to win buybox and rise price as higher as possible to increase your profits.

Easy to use
1. Six repricing strategies
2. Five type of competitors
3. Smart calculate and auto rise up


Continuous repricing

Once your competitors change their price, Amazonkit can get notified and can respond instantly. We offer 7/24 continuous repricing and 7/24 Service Support. Continue to reprice non-stop.


Competitor's inventory data

As far as we know, there is no way to get others' inventory data in amazon, it's really important for sellers to evaluate the market and judge sales' strategies. Now amazonkit has had the ability to connect to amazon and retrieve data from its database directly, so all inventory data can be shared to you in real time


Powerful report

Amazonkit's dashboard collects all the data you need to make better competitive decisions in one place. Making informed business decisions with all the key trends that drives your sales up. Seeing SKUs which are selling fast, at minimum price, a stock risk, and more. So you can better align smart repricing strategies with every new information.

AmazonKit Stats

Why us

The only thing that’s different is everything

Control Repricing Status at Will

On repricing product list, Amazonkits offers you a toggle to run or stop the repricing tool on every single product.

More Reference Information for Repricing

To help sellers apply appropriate strategies, Amazonkit offers more information on the product list: competitors, Buy Box winner and price, lowest price, FBA and FBM offers. It’s clear at a glance before you decide the repricing strategies.

Safeguard against Potential Price Errors

A price range setting is provided by Amazonkit, based on reliable algorithm, the price only can be adjusted in the price range. What’s more, Amazonkit will push your price up in time when competitors raise price.

Visual Repricing History

On repricing dashboard, a repricing activities chart will record your repricing counts for all products in time. Amazonkit will offer repricing service all the time and never rest.

Unique Inventory check and Product Research Function

As an official partner of Amazon, Amazonkit develops a unique product research function. You can search any product on Amazon according to ASIN, UPC, EAN, GCID and ISBN. One more thing, relying on Amazon database, Amazonkit can help you obtain all your competitors’ inventory and sales data on any product in real time. Bang!

Purchase now and get the Research service bonus (Values $228)

Pricing of reprice service

Reprice service

Start from $9.9 per month
  • Up to 50,000 listings
  • Reprice instantly or hourly
  • Intelligent auto compete
  • Minimum price protection
  • Optional competitors group
  • Built-in win BuyBox reprice algorithm

Customize plan

First priority & Individual host
  • Maximum listings
  • Repricing frequency
  • Intelligent auto compete
  • Minimum price protection
  • Built-in get BuyBox reprice rule
  • Quick one page setup

Who are we


Amazonkit is established by a number of specialists and engineers with experienced Amazon business skills and IT technology. Amazonkit has a suite of excellent solutions which can help amazon sellers resolve daily business issues. We strive to create products that will help Amazon sellers grow business easily and effectively. The Amazonkit suite so far consists of Repricing, Review, Feedback and Product Research. 

We understand that Amazon’s success is rare, but we do not want our customers to simply survive. We help them realize their potential sales.




Frequently Asked Questions

7x24 ticket support service available
Which marketplaces are supported?
We currently support 8 marketplaces: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and India
What happens after the free trial?
We hope you can subscribe our service after the free trial period. However, if you don't want to go further, your account will be automatically canceled. You can cancel the authorization at any time.
Can I change plans at any time?
You can change your plan at anytime on your User Central page. You can upgrade, downgrade or purchase a plan at any time you want. PS: Downgrade need to contact us.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes! You can cancel your subscription at any time if you no longer wish to use Amazonkit. If you cancel, you will still be able to use Amazonkit until the end of your billing cycle.
Do you offer a discounted annual plan?
10% discount will be given if you choose annual plan. Meanwhile, annual plan user will have the priority to try the latest features.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit card, Paypal and Alipay payment currently.

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Alicia Silverstone

Amazonkit offered the most easy-to-use interface I'd seen. I challenge anyone who says otherwise to find something better.

Alicia Silverstone
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When I use Amazonkit, It is easy to win the Buy Box and lead to the most sales. Our competitors immediately fall behind..

Emily Cruz
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Markel Díaz

Yeah! It's great Amazon Tools for Sellers. It really change and optimize price in real time. I can't belive amazonkit fee low as $4.95 per month.

Markel Díaz
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