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Analysis on Amazon Account Health

Many sellers might don’t have a good understanding on how Amazon judge your account health. Let Amazonkit gives you a good understanding: Account health will force sellers provide better products and better service to customer all the time! To be more specific-the faster reply the better, the more information the better, the faster shipment the Read more »

How to Add a Variation on Amazon?

Some products have many different attributes, like clothes and jewelry, we call them variant items. Buyers can choose size and color, and when buyers choose different colors, product images will also change. The choice of different sizes and colors will cause the price and inventory change at the same time. Next, I’ll take Baby Shoes as Read more »

Five-Stars Review Is Really Good?

Many sellers only pursue all 5 stars on their own product pages and any negative review is intolerable for them. I am going to share advantages of negative review with you in this article. Here is a quote from a professional Amazon buyer: I ordered many products form Amazon. But I never buy 5-star products. Why? IT’S Read more »

Amazon Is Testing a Paid Customer Support Model ! You Wanna Pay For It?

Recently, Amazon announces that they provide two new services: Accelerated Learning Program and Seller Support Plus on the Women’s Entrepreneur Conference. To be more specific, Accelerated Learning Program is that seller can choose one of the three topics(Basics of Selling on Amazon,Fulfillment by Amazon or Advanced Listings), then an Amazon specialist will give the seller Read more »

Analysis on Amazon Official Repricing Service

Today, let us talk about the Amazon official repricing tool. After careful planing, Amazon decides to compete with other repricing tools finally. Now, its’ system is still in a test level and only available for part of professional seller. But, the discussion on its advantages and disadvantages still very hot on the internet. Most users Read more »

How to operate multiple Amazon accounts and adjust listing price safely?

Are you a seller with multiple Amazon accounts? Do you wonder how to adjust listing price in batches fast and exactly? Recently, I notice that many sellers complain: Often,someone sells his product in my listing at midnight in a lower (0.5 USD) price. They occupy the Buy Box in a few hours and steal many Read more »

What’s the difference between Feedback and Review on Amazon?

Amazon seller management system contains two independent evaluation systems which have a mutual impact :Feedback and Review. Generally, these two evaluation systems, are to make the buyer evaluate seller’s products and services which can play a reference role to the subsequent customers. So, whether Feedback or Review is of great significance for the seller. Although Feedback and Review has similar property that force seller Read more »

Why Amazon Web Services is reliable and secure?

Do you have any doubts about the security of Amazon Web services? Is personal information will be disclosed in the third party software service? There are a number of third party software that can process your inventory, price, order details. These third party softwares have different functions: some have automatic price adjustment function which can keep your product price competitive, Read more »

Letv Will Buy responds to the takeover rumor today, says that is one of the most important strategic marketplace, Amazon will continue to invest and deepen the development in China. For the market in China, Amazon has a long-term strategic planning and a firm commitment. says that Amazon has built four Read more »

Some Misunderstandings On Repricing Software (III)

In essence, marketplace repricing is simply a seller making changes to the price of products they offer on platforms like Amazon and eBay. They might do that for any reason, but typically it’s in response to competition. Now, repricing software is itself a competitive market, with plenty of options available. I’d like to discuss two Read more »