Amazon Ads Introduction

Unless you live in a life without network, you may have heard of Amazon’s new advertising services. But you may don’t know how many ad types Amazon provides and which one can meet your needs. Amazonkit will introduce some common Amazon Ad services.

Product Ads

This service is very suitable for sellers, when a buyer finds some products on Amazon, this kind ofAd can help the seller list his similar product in priority. It seems unreasonable for Amazon to send customers from their own website to other sites, but it can be thought of as “If you can not win them, you can charge them with a click.” Therefore, Amazon allows you to make Ads on their website, and only be charged for click (cost per click).

Advertisers should be grateful to the Amazon Product Ads service, which automatically sets the object of advertising. Amazon’s powerful calculation system automatically allows shoppers who’re looking for a product to see the most relevant product ads, which may also be the main advantage of Amazon: When buyers take out their credit cards, let them see the relevant product advertising.

How can you tell the Amazon what products you have? You can build a product catalog manually , or bulk upload via FTP. For sellers who already advertise in other markets, you can also upload your inventory using the Google Base database or the Yahoo Store mall file format.

Amazon Local

 After Amazon buys Living Social, they launch Amazon Local service to compete with groupbuy company, like Groupon.

This service works in the same way as other services we already know: sellers and buyers make deals online. The Amazon Local service sends out email to everyone in the seller’s delivery region, the seller pays for Amazon’s referral fee each time when the seller makes a deal successfully.

The following benefits apply to the use of the Amazon Local service:

1.Access to more than 200 million active customers

2.Work with one of the most trusted companies in the United States

3.Amazon’s Amazon Local service is available through existing Amazon accounts

Amazon Display Advertising

Amazon has a lot of data on how their customers consume. They know what’s product a customer is interested in, how long it takes to spend money for a customer, when a customer want to shop. Any shopping data that might be good for advertisers, and Amazon has been collecting these data for years.

Amazon is able to offer a broad range of services, tools, forms and pricing. Amazon’s display advertising service is owned and operated by, Quidsi, IMDB and DPReview; Amazon’s mobile advertising service can be used on the above websites and App; Sponsored screensaver on Kindle; E-commerce advertising display format includes customer evaluation ads, shopping cart ads, coupon ads and merchandise display ads.

For those who want to increase sales, Amazon offers a variety of opportunities, and it is likely that one of these services is just for you. Amazon is flexible to accommodate advertisers at any size, whether it’s self-service or full-service, and if you’re a seller looking to increase sales, Amazon will definitely be right for you. The focus is on the selection of advertising products.

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