How to Sell High-priced products on Amazon?

In the real business world, price pressure is smaller than the online! Because consumers need to compare the price shop by shop, online shopping is more convenient, by a page, you can choose a lot of fine selection of products, and even a visit to all the shops. So when consumer can go shopping so easily, the price will be their only consideration, no brand loyalty is really a horrible thing! But have you ever wondered why there are still a lot of high-priced products on Amazon? Because brand sellers always know how to use marketing to improve their brand value!

The psychology of price

Most sellers will set the mantissa amount to “9” when pricing goods, as buyers tend to buy items with mantissa “9” . This psychological phenomenon we called “left effect”, most people prefer to read from left to right, so the number 9 will make people feel the product is cheaper. The use of mantissa strategy to increase amazing sales is always effective.

High-quality product images

Some sellers may think taking pictures is so easy, in fact, this is wrong! Doing business on Amazon, the photography team must be very professional.
Basically, please notice these key points:
1. Maintain images with large size and high quality, high-priced products are even more so, consumers will look at these products with magnifying glass. Please remember you are not only trying to sell goods, you are trying to sell quality, memories, experiences and emotions.
2. Please use professional camera equipment to take full-size pictures for every product. this can help attract the buyers’ attention. The more time they spend time on your page, the more likely they’ll buy your product.
3. Please use the white background, let the picture shows the product as clearly as possible, do not add a watermark or other photo effects. This will transfer the buyer’s attention to the product itself.

customer-oriented service

As an e-commerce seller, you need to be in touch with your customers. a) The customer knows your presence; b) You sell not just the product but also the service; c) The customer knows your latest transaction, special plan and merchandise.

However, what’s different for brand sellers on their customer service? In addition to asking the buyer what they are satisfied or dissatisfied, in fact, they will seek the views of customers on the product as well as special offers such as recommendations.

If you think from different angles, if your favorite stores ignore any comments you make on Facebook or Twitter, just keep doing what they think you should do, ignore what you or other customers have been talking about, how do you feel?

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