Five-Stars Review Is Really Good?


Many sellers only pursue all 5 stars on their own product pages and any negative review is intolerable for them. I am going to share advantages of negative review with you in this article.

Here is a quote from a professional Amazon buyer:

I ordered many products form Amazon. But I never buy 5-star products. Why? IT’S FAKE!!! 4.5~4.8 stars products are mu favorite. On the other side, when I make my order, I usually only view reviews under 3 stars because there is some useful information for me, e.g package condition and shipment.

Buyers say so, are you still pursuing the five-star review? Especially now that more and more sellers “exchange” the five-star review, which causes that buyers are now “only” can view the five-star review. However, the importance of the negative review is highlighted.

1. Negative review can increase the review credibility

Before order, we always see the evaluation from other buyers. if a product evaluation is all out of five stars, rational buyers should think things are strange, perfect evaluation is very suspicious, and report to see whether Amazon sellers are suspected of fraud.It’s reasonable that your product page has a variety of levels of comments, because it is not possible that each buyer shares the same idea. Bad review on the product page seems more natural, about 60% of the customers will be more willing to trust the authenticity of the comment in a positive and negative mixed evaluation page. Negative can enhance the brand transparency and show that the customer’s comments did not deliberately be manipulated or filtered, the buyer will believe you and order products from you.

2. Negative review can increase potential orders

You might want to argue with me that potential customers will give up purchase when they see negative reviews. It is wrong, those customers who concern negative reviews are more easier to make a order.

Because customer who concerns about negative comments would like get more information on the product he is ready to purchase!

Because customer who concerns about negative comments would like get more information on the product he is ready to purchase!

Because customer who concerns about negative comments would like get more information on the product he is ready to purchase!

This sentence is so important that I say three times! Basically, only negative review viewer can increase your conversion rate. In addition, negative comments allow customers to spend more time browsing your product pages. Visitors have higher session duration, the conversion rate will be increased.

3. Negative review can help buyers know advantages and disadvantages of the product earlier.

If buyer views bad comments before,he’ll have a clear understanding of  advantages and disadvantages of the products,he’ll not be disappointed about the small product defects. If all information buyer gets before they purchase is good,once he receives the goods and the gap is too big, the buyer will not only leave a bad review , but also start a return request.

Amazonkit knows that no one wants to let buyers criticize their products, however this is your time to show your customer service: understand the problems buyer encountered and let buyers feel your respect. In addition, try your best to reply the bad reviews on product page,make other potential buyers have a better impression of your product,good reviews will come naturally. Amazon’s business purpose is “to be the Earth’s most customer-centric company ” because they believe that a positive service attitude can be rewarded always.

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