Amazon Is Testing a Paid Customer Support Model ! You Wanna Pay For It?

Recently, Amazon announces that they provide two new services: Accelerated Learning Program and Seller Support Plus on the Women’s Entrepreneur Conference.
To be more specific, Accelerated Learning Program is that seller can choose one of the three topics(Basics of Selling on Amazon,Fulfillment by Amazon or Advanced Listings), then an Amazon specialist will give the seller a full explanation and half-hour key points reorganization. Seller Support Plus is that a seller will own an exclusive customer service specialist if seller can pay $400 per moth, just like customer service custom.
Of course, if the seller is willing to pay the price, the service is absolutely different from now. Now the Amazon customer service is not very reliable, which we don’t make more discussion. But this Amazon Commissioner basically is able to help you find the answer in time when you throw small problems to him, . This service looks very good, for some large or professional sellers, and this price may not be a problem! But for some small sellers and new sellers, this is a big expense.
But for another perspective, this seems to be the high standard service is just another way that Amazon want charge more fees to sellers? To give you an example, if you rent a house and the tube in the house is broken, although you pay the rent already, you have to pay another fee to repair this tube, are you willing to pay the money? This is a two-way blow for the seller, but in Amazon, you can choose not to pay this money but the problem can not be solved, or you want to solve this problem, but you have to pay the money.
There are lots of complains on the Internet,but a large number of seller are willing to get a try. The main reason is that the customer service is very bad now, they want the paid customer service can be more effective.Of course, some sellers want pay for this on a month to month basis, because they don’t have major issues every month but it would be nice at times. What’s your opinion, do you think the price and service is reasonable?
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