How to operate multiple Amazon accounts and adjust listing price safely?

Are you a seller with multiple Amazon accounts? Do you wonder how to adjust listing price in batches fast and exactly? Recently, I notice that many sellers complain:

Often,someone sells his product in my listing at midnight in a lower (0.5 USD) price. They occupy the Buy Box in a few hours and steal many orders from me. How should I do?

At home, I need use remote operation or VPN to log in the Amazon seller central to adjust my price. Low internet speed; Should pay special attention to avoid getting into multiple accounts at the same IP. Is there a easier way?

Listing number grows bigger and bigger, the time spending on adjusting price gets longer and longer.  It costs so much time that I can not deal with customer message in time.

When I go out, I only can carry only one laptop,but usually there are two or more accounts needing operate. I’m forced to change VPN frequently or use public computer, which both have danger in privacy and account association. Is there a software can help me?

 Is there a way that listing price can be adjusted automatically? When I sell my products on other seller’s listing in a lower price and grab the Buy Box, but someone always respond quickly and lowers their price in a short time. Why they always adjust the price so fast?

 If you are a brand seller or a listing-follow seller with above time, the best way is to use a third party software, instead of staying up late or using IP nervously.

Just imagine, how comfortably you can adjust your price with 6 accounts at the same time?

Just imagine, your price can be adjusted automatically at midnight and no one can steal your orders anymore!

Just imagine, you can observe your competitors with a laptop easily and operate multiple accounts at the same time!

Just imagine, no more match low manually!

Amazonkit is designed to help seller solve above problems. Amazonkit smart repricing tool offers 7/24 continuous repricing service and multiple accounts support. The most important thing is Amazonkit don’t ask you signing in Amazon seller central to complete all operations. So no more account association privacy danger any more!


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