New Shipping Settings for FBA Seller

Recently, many sellers may receive a special notification from Amazon. The purpose is to invite FBM sellers to use new shipping settings.


Next, Amazonkit will help you what’s the difference between new and old shipping settings

  Advantages of new settings Disadvantages of new settings
FBA or FBM Only apply for fulfilled from USA  
Qualification 1.      Only the invited seller can migrate to the new settings

2.      Migrating to the new settings will be qualified to become Seller Fulfilled Prime member

Flexibility 1.      At most 20 different shipping models

2.      Different SKUs can use different shipping models by Manage Inventory or Inventory Loader file


1.      Do not support shipping overrides.

2.      If you use shipping overrides, you can load shipping overrides report first, as a model in the new shipping settings.

Shipping fee 1.      same fee on different states

2.      free shipping is available

3.      For Expedited or Two-day Delivery orders, different states will have different settings

In old settings, different sates share the same shipping fee on Expedited or Two-day Delivery orders
Transport speed Different states will have different transport speeds  
International shipping fee and transport speed 1.For Canada, all provinces must have the same shipping fee, except the three north areas

2.For other countries, it’ll have different shipping fee and transport speed.

The old setting only supports for continent settings, not for countries.
Seller Profile page Seller Profile page will not have the price list  
BMVD transportation (Book, Music, Video and DVDs) Seller can customize the shipping settings by themselves The old BMVD setting will be migrated, you can customize it   manually

The new shipping settings template:


No more shipping details on Seller Profile page:



If all your products are FBA, the shipping settings on Seller Profile page will like this:


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