Too Waste! Amazon Order is Too Excessive Packaged!!

Many customers complain of excessive packaging fulfilled by Amazon, some of them even post the package they received and hope that Amazon can improve the package, looks so funny.


A customer jokingly said: “I just bought a feather duster, who knows the package is so great, even can hold my mother.” Others said: “I could not dare believe that Amazon actually used such a big box to ship a screwdriver. ” It said that Amazon used 30-feet (about 9.1 meters) long wrapper to ship a book, computer-sized box to ship a lipstick.
British customer Jen Lupton is a hospital typist. She was shocked when she received the package in November: “My brother opened the box which we suspected was at least 20 times bigger than the health product.First we thought there was nothing, but find a vial finally.I do not often leave a message on a commercial site, but this time I’m really angry and hope they will notice this.”

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a chef and anti-waste activist, also attacked Amazon’s “carton crisis” on BBC’s “Battle Against Waste”.

Criticized by customers and environmentalists, Amazon decided to try new technologies to change the status of excessive packaging . At present, Amazon is testing a “carton fit” technology, expect to achieve the optimization of product packaging. In addition, Amazon also said that the packaging technology can match the fittest box automatically according to product size.

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