How to Use Create Amazon Removal Order?

Create removal order is one of FBA basic functions, which can help you reduce your FBA stock.

When you want to use this function?

  1. Dead stock, want to remove it from FBA to reduce FBA fee.
  2. Want to destroy the defective items returned from customers.
  3. Item is going to be charged for long-term storage fee.
  4. Want to ship it to other e-commerce platform customers, like eBay.


There are two options when you create removal order: Destroy and Ship To Address.




If products get broken in transit, or are returned from customers because of damage or defect, these products will be classified into the Unfulfillable inventory and can not be sold by FBA. If the product is damaged badly or the cost is low, you do not want to keep the product any more, so just choose to destroy it to avoid to be charged for long-term storage fee.


FBA will have two times a year to clean up the warehouse, respectively, on February 15 and August 15 each year. The clean-up day will review your FBA inventory age. If it’s more than six month or a year, each cubic foot (28.32 L) will be subject to 11.25 US dollars and 22.50 US dollars as long-term costs.


Please notice that fulfillable products can still be sold before they are actually removed, even if your removal order has been made. So if you just want to remove them and do not want to sell, it is best to close the LISTING first.


Ship To Address

When you want to ship it to other e-commerce platform customers, like eBay. You can choose to use this function.

If there are orders in other platforms and you do not want to ship it by yourself, you can use this function. The advantage is that you can save shipping costs, only 0.5 USD! The disadvantage is that the time will be relatively long, generally takes 10 to 14 working days, the order tracking number will generate slower too. Amazon also specifically suggests that not to use this way (whether it is FBM orders or other platform orders).

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